Waxoyl Swiss Flag Logo Waxoyl Professional Car Care Products for the Exterior

Advanced science solutions to clean, polish and protect your vehicle inside and out.

Exterior Products – Professional treatments with amazing results, time after time

Waxoyl Professional 3-step buffing compound being appliedWaxoyl Professional 3-step buffing compound being applied

Pre Clean more info »
Aggressive cleaning agent ideal for preparing paint for 100 Plus paint sealant.

3-Step Buffing Compounds more info »
Nano-compatible buffing compound makes paint repair quick and easy.

Magic Clay Bar System more info »
Removes stubborn contaminants without abrasive chemicals or compounds.

One Step more info »
Mildly aggressive polish, removes slight imperfections and leaves a deep long lasting gloss.

100 Plus Paint Sealant more info »
Yields a deep wet shine and the ultimate protection for all types of paint work.

Rubber and Vinyl Dressing more info »
Restores faded rubbers, Vinyl and Plastics.

Cream Wax more info »
100% Pure Carnauba Wax. Ideal for end users to protect 100 Plus Paint Sealant.

Ultra Clean more info »
Cleans contaminants such a bird droppings without water leaving a protective shine.

Shampoo Car Soap more info »
Mild car soap for maintaining 100 Plus treatment.

Motor Care more info »
Restores and protects metal, plastic and rubber parts in engine compartment.

Waxoyl Professional Car Care Products for the Interior

Interior Products – Powerful protection from abrasion, stains and UV damage for all interior materials.

Waxoyl Professional Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaner more info »
Deep down cleaning of leather, plastic and fabrics. Gentle on skin with a pleasant smell.

Clear Coat Protector for Plastic & Vinyl more info »
Refreshes and protects all plastic, vinyl and rubber interior components.

U.P.T. Upholstery Guard more info »
Provides long-term fiber by fiber protection that repels water and stains.

IR Cleaning Tissues more info »
Convenient non-toxic cleaning cloths.

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