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Frequently Asked Questions About Waxoyl

Waxoyl Professional Corrosion Prevention requires minimal surface preparation. We recommend pressure washing the underbody and using a degreaser to remove unwanted material and allow Hardwax to bond directly to the metal or paint surfaces. It is very important to remove any clumps of dirt, flaking paint or rust, and anything else that may later come off the vehicle exposing the surface below. Waxoyl will permanently bond to the surface it is applied to, which only works if the surface it is applied to stays on the vehicle!

On every level the Waxoyl Professional Corrosion Prevention System has been designed for ease of use and with minimal training almost anyone can apply Waxoyl Professional Corrosion Prevention. The simple to to follow application procedure ensures a thorough application every time and require no drilling of holes. The guns require no adjustment except the air pressure to them. Simply pour the product into the guns and spray.
A shop environment with a lift, good lighting, compressed air with adjustable pressure and the Waxoyl Professional Application tools are all that is needed for professional application. An exhaust fan may be needed for heavy applications if there is minimal circulation. There are a few different options for application guns that address the needs of different applicators. Rovers North sells starter kits, Wax1, Wax2, Wax3, and Wax4, that meet the needs of a variety of different users. We also have continuous flow inline airless systems for use with 58 liter kegs. Contact us at Waxoyl@roversnorth.com to find which kit is right for you.
The time it takes to do a proper, thorough application of the Waxoyl Professional Corrosion Prevention System depends on the size and type of the vehicle and the experience of the applicator. Experienced applicators can treat a small unibody car in 45 minutes the average vehicle takes a little under an hour and a half and a large complex chassis type vehicle could take three or more hours.
The Waxoyl Professional Corrosion Prevention system can be applied with very little mess; The gentlemen of Waxoyl Professional often give demonstrations wearing a white dress shirt! By following a few simple precautions there can be little or no clean and no impact on the shop environment!

To avoid making a mess, use a funnel to fill the guns and always bring cold product up to temperature before filling (see tech tips for application). Do not squeeze the tins into the guns, if the product is too cold to flow easily from the tin then it wont apply well. Place in hot water for a few minutes. Waxoyl Professional 120-4, the cavity treatment, is clear and makes little mess and cleans up easily. Hardwax is black and if applied carelessly is potentially messy. To cut down on over-spray we recommend when ever possible spraying in towards the center of the vehicle, instead of standing under the vehicle spraying out towards the surroundings. Keep the spray tip relatively close to the vehicle (within a foot and a half) to avoid fine spray settling before it makes contact. When applying to the edges of the underbody, keep the spray tip close and inside the underbody. Spraying from far away and outside the underbody can lead to over-spray on the vehicle. Use a ground tarp when using the high flow HW-98 gun to apply Hardwax on larger jobs (such as chassis vehicles) as it will pick up over-spray that settles on the ground, a ground tarp is normally not needed when using the HRS gun with the K-2 wand.
Typically there is no smell within a day or two after application. However if Waxoyl Professional 120-4 is over applied the smell can linger for much longer as puddles take longer for the solvent to evaporate. See the Tech Tips for application.
Unlike annual products, Waxoyl Corrosion Prevention need only be reapplied if and where the coating has been compromised. Waxoyl is a tough, durable coating that lasts for many years, but vehicles operating on dirt roads or snowy roads that have been treated with an abrasive material (like sand) will subject the underbody to sustained abrasion. This ongoing “sandblasting effect” may eventually wear through the Waxoyl coating and the factory paint in some places, especially in wheel arches and suspension components subjected to wheel cast-off.

Occasional inspection and touch-ups are an important part of the Waxoyl system because the product cannot protect where it has been abraded off. Due to variations in vehicles, the environment and road surfaces there is no one answer for how often Waxoyl should be inspected. For most, an annual inspection with a small touch up is sufficient for ongoing protection, however some situations could benefit from greater frequency.

* For rust-free vehicles operating in extreme environments, we recommend the new Hardwax21 for maximum abrasion resistance.
The drying time is highly dependent on room temperature, humidity, air flow and the film thickness. Under ideal conditions (good air circulation, 68 F) the film can be handled after 6 hours.
Absolutely, all Waxoyl Professional products are produced under the strictest standards of environmental safety. Think of it this way: Waxoyl Professional products make vehicles last substantially longer and dramatically increase owner satisfaction, both of which keep vehicles out of junk yard. What could be more environmentally friendly than that? But, like any chemical, Waxoyl Professional products need to be treated with care and disposed of properly.
Yes, Waxoyl Professional Hardwax and Waxoyl Professional 120-4 have a 2 year shelf life from the time of production. However, after the first two years product may still be satisfactory if the container remained sealed to prevent solvent evaporation. With all product and especially older product, it is important to warm to between 75 F and 95 F and thoroughly mix before application. In kegs this can be done by using the HRS gun aerate.
No, Waxoyl is trusted by leading manufacturers the world over. Visit our "Approved by" section and judge us by the company we keep. While the product is perfect, human application is not and imperfect application can lead to imperfect protection. For this reason many of our application centers choose to offer guarantees and we encourage this. It is always a good idea to have vehicles inspected regularly to catch any areas that may have been missed in the initial application before any problems occur.
We strongly recommend using both cavity and underbody products. If the environment is harsh enough to warrant one product the other product is necessary too. Using one product but not the other is like locking the drivers side door but not the passenger side: It just allows rust to start on the other side.

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Tech Tips for Waxoyl Professional Products

  • Cleanliness of the paint is crucial to achieve best results as 100 Plus is a true paint sealant and applying to dirty paint locks in the contaminants. Just because it looks clean, does not mean all the micro contamination has been removed. Unless the paint has never been exposed to rain or contaminants since being painted or buffed we strongly recommend using Waxoyl Professional Pre-Clean, Waxoyl Professional 3-step Buffing Compounds or Waxoyl Magic Clay Bar System to thoroughly clean the paint of all micro contaminants. Which product is required and how much restoration the paint needs is a judgment call that must be made by the applicator. It also illustrates the need for professional application.
  • Once the paint has been cleaned, we recommend taping off the badges, vinyl, and rubber leaving only the paint surface. It is possible to skip the taping and just apply the 100 Plus sponge carefully, only on the paint surface.
  • Dampen the yellow side with water. Squeeze out all the excess water. Poke a dozen or so holes in the pouch inside the sponge from the yellow side using an acute angle so as to minimize the chance of punching both sides of the pouch. Squeeze the sponge and distribute the product. When the sponge is soaked with product wipe the sponge over a panel of the vehicle in an up and down motion using straight lines. Then wipe the panel again with a side to side motion. After completing the entire vehicle, it may be wise to reapply the first panel as first time users often fail to get enough product in the sponge for the first panel.
  • Allow 100 Plus to dry for 10-15 minutes. Do not worry about waiting too long, the product will not harden and become difficult to remove. When the product has completely dried, remove the excess product with a micro fiber cloth using straight motions not a circular buffing motion. For best results do not press too hard with the micro fiber cloth as the paint sealant takes up to a week to fully harden and is susceptible to damage. For this reason, DO NOT WASH VEHICLE FOR ONE WEEK AFTER APPLICATION.
  • Waxoyl Application Manual
  • Apply Waxoyl Professional 120-4 BEFORE applying Hardwax.
  • Optimal product temperature for application is 70 F. Do not apply product at less than 59 F. Optimal ambient temperatures for application are between 41 F and 104 F. Tins and aerosols can be heated in a bucket of hot water.
  • Shake 5-liter tins and Aerosol cans well. 58 Liter drums can be mixed, by blowing air using the HRS Gun and the long wand.
  • If the product is not easy to shake and does not pour smoothly into the guns it is not warm enough! Warm before pouring into the gun.
  • Apply using approximately 100 PSI for fogging cavities. For surface application use 60 PSI. Pressure can be adjusted slightly to compensate for the products viscosity which is determined by temperature, i.e. if the product is hot you may find it is wise turn the pressure down slightly for material economy.
  • Product dries clear, however if applied too thickly it appears pink and can attract dirt. Optimal performance can be achieved with only 60 NM film thickness, so for material economy purposes and cleanliness it is wise to not over apply.
  • If necessary prepare underbody prior to application (see movie below).

  • Read the General Application Manual well. Contact us for an electronic or a spiral bound paper copy. Watch the application movie below. Pay attention to the duration of spray in the panels, when the trigger is depressed it is typically fully depressed. There is a fine line between a proper thorough application and over applying the product which is wasteful and can leave the cabin of the vehicle smelling for a long time as the solvent slowly evaporates from puddles in the cavities.

  • MSDS Sheet
  • Waxoyl Application Manual
  • Apply AFTER applying Waxoyl Professional 120-4
  • Properly prepare the surface before application.
  • Watch the movie:

  • Optimal product temperature for application is 70º F. Do not apply product at less than 59 F. Optimal ambient temperatures for application are between 41 F and 104 F. Tins and aerosols can be heated in a bucket of hot water.
  • Mix well by shaking 5-liter tins and Aerosol cans. 58 Liter drums can be mixed, by blowing air using the HRS Gun and the long wand.
  • If the product is not easy to shake and does not pour smoothly into the guns it is not warm enough! Warm before pouring into the gun.
  • When using the HW-98 gun, apply using approximately 48 PSI. Pressure can be adjusted slightly to compensate for the products viscosity which is determined by temperature, i.e. if the Hardwax is hot you may find it is wise to slightly turn the pressure down for material economy. When using the HW 98 gun to apply take special care not to greatly exceed recommended pressure as it could damage the equipment. When using the HRS gun and the K-2 wand the air pressure can be between 70- 100 PSI.
  • Recommended areas for application on passenger vehicle: All underbody surfaces except exhaust and heat shields, drive train and fuel tank (as increased insolation could encourage condensation inside tank).
  • Remove over-spray with white spirits, Waxoyl Professional120-4, or vegetable oil.
  • MSDS Sheet