Waxoyl Professional Paint Preparation and Cleaning

The focus is on simplicity and economy of use. The results speak for themselves.

Paint Cleaning

Pre-Clean 500ML

The ideal product for cleaning before waxing.

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Ultra Clean 3 in 1 - 1 Liter

Cleans, preserves and protects in a single procedure.

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Waxacid Shampoo 5 Liter

For thorough cleaning and chemical neutralisation (against acid rain) of the paint surface.

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Professional 3-Step Buffing and Polishing Compounds

Revolutionary paint repair system. Ceramic cutting compound makes paint restoration quick and easy. Works with all paints and is particularly suitable for the new generation of ceramic crystal clear paints (nano paints) which are highly scratch resistant.

Buffing Compound 1 Liter

Remove material fast with this low grit compound.

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Finishing Compound 1 Liter

Medium grit compound, removes orange peel and scratches.

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Final Finish Compound 1 Liter

Polishing agent to remove fine scratches from buffing.

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Foam Buffing Pad

This buffing pad is recommended by Waxoyl Professional for use with Final Finish.

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Lambswool Buffing Pad

This lambswool buffing pad is recommended by Waxoyl Professional for use with Buffing Compound and Finishing Compound.

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Magic Clay Bar System

This unique clay bar system will change the way you clean your paint! Ideal for preparing paint for Waxoyl 100 Plus Paint Sealant. Designed to remove paint over-spray, bugs, surface rust and oxidization, industrial emissions, tree sap, and almost all other paint contaminants.

Magic Clay Bar

Magic Clay Bar, for use with Clay Bar Moisturizer.

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Moisturizer 1 Liter

Moisterizer used with clay system.

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