GlazeGard Paint Seal 500ML

Very similar to Waxoyl 100 Plus Paint Sealant, Waxoyl GlazeGard Paint Sealant is a high polymer paint sealant that also features acid neutralizers, making it ideal for used vehicles.

Better than wax, this high-polymer paint sealant protects paint from fading, oxidation and contaminants.

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Product Features

  • Shines to a deep, wet-looking finish.
  • The high-polymer formula shields your paint with a tough, glass-like protective seal.
  • Just one application protects paint for over 100 car washes.
  • Maximum protection against color fading and nasty paint damaging elements such as UV rays, acid rain, rust stains, tree sap, industrial fallout, and bird droppings thanks to its EPPS™ (Elastometric Polymer Protection System) formula.
  • Special formula encourages water to run off leaving minimal water beads.

Tech Tips

  • Cleanliness of the paint is crucial to achieve best results as GlazeGard is a true paint sealant and applying to dirty paint locks in the contaminants. Just because it looks clean, does not mean all the micro contamination has been removed. Unless the paint has never been exposed to rain or contaminants since being painted or buffed we strongly recommend using Waxoyl Professional Pre-Clean, Waxoyl Professional 3-step Buffing Compounds or Waxoyl Magic Clay Bar System to thoroughly clean the paint of all micro contaminants. Which product is required and how much restoration the paint needs is a judgment call that must be made by the applicator. It also illustrates the need for professional application.
  • Once the paint has been cleaned, we recommend taping off the badges, vinyl, and rubber leaving only the paint surface. It is possible to skip the taping and just apply the GlazeGard sponge carefully, only on the paint surface.
  • Dampen a sponge or microsoft cloth. Squeeze out all the excess water. Squeeze the sponge and distribute the product. When the sponge is soaked with product wipe the sponge over a panel of the vehicle in an up and down motion using straight lines. Then wipe the panel again with a side to side motion.
  • Allow GlazeGard to dry for 10-15 minutes. Do not worry about waiting too long, the product will not harden and become difficult to remove. When the product has completely dried, remove the excess product with a micro fiber cloth using straight motions not a circular buffing motion. For best results do not press too hard with the micro fiber cloth as the paint sealant takes up to a week to fully harden and is susceptible to damage. For this reason, DO NOT WASH VEHICLE FOR ONE WEEK AFTER APPLICATION.