HRS Gun without Wand

HRS Gun without Wand

The HRS gun is necessary for applying Waxoyl Professional 120-4, which can be done via the short K3 wand (Part # RNW5014) or the long K4 wand (Part # RNW5015). The HRS gun can also be used to apply Harwax via the K2 wand (Part # RNW5012). Most Professional Application Centers use two HRS guns, one dedicated to Hardwax and the other dedicated to Waxoyl Professional 120-4, but it is fine to use one HRS gun for both products.

If the HRS gun is used regularly (approximately once a year) there is no need to clean the gun. Simply use it and put it on the shelf when you are done. When the gun is used next, the new Waxoyl will eliminate any old Waxoyl.

This high-quality gun is made by SATA in Germany. It is completely rebuildable. There is typically no need to use an air regulator on this gun as it works up to 170 PSI.


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