Ultimate 2 Gun Starter Kit with 3 Wands

2 Gun Starter Kit with 3 Wands

Looking for top-end professional tools? This 2-gun kit includes all the tools necessary to do a complete Waxoyl application to the cavities and underbody. Spray Hardwax underbody protection with a SATA HRS-SF gun using a high-flow spray nozzle or an included K2-SF wand for detail work. This gun is easy to fill, has a large capacity canister, and sprays Hardwax beautifully. Waxoyl 120-4 cavity protection is sprayed with the lightweight, high-pressure SATA HRS gun coupled with the K-3 and K-4 wands. Together these tools fog the cavities for the ultimate protection.

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Kit Includes

  • SATA HRS-SF gun
  • High-flow nozzle for Hardwax
  • Quick connect coupler to accept wands.
  • SATA HRS gun
  • K-2 angled wand for applying Hardwax to the underbody
  • K-3 wand, 64" long with 360-degree spray for applying Waxoyl 120-4 in long, narrow cavities like chassis and rocker panels
  • K-4 hook wand for applying Waxoyl 120-4 to the door cavities, hood, and surface spray.