Waxoyl Professional Storage Protection

Ideal for protecting cars, buses, utility vehicles, construction machines, tools, rail cars, ships and airplanes.

Transport and storage protection against surface corrosion.

Provides superior storage protection that beats the ravages of time by completely encasing items in a thin layer of wax providing the ultimate protection from aggressive environmental damage. Protects all painted and unpainted surfaces on vehicles, machinery, machine parts and tools, etc. Topwax-6 is used to protect during transportation and storage and provides medium-term protection (up to six months) against environmental damage, e.g. acid rain, rust film, soot particles, etc.

  • Water-repellent and can even be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Good adhesion, rapidly becomes water resistant.
  • Does not corrode anodised or rubber parts.
  • Forms a protective film containing no silicones or fluorocarbons.
  • Contains no silicones or fluorocarbons so surfaces can be repainted after de-waxing if required.
  • Must be removed using high-pressure steam cleaner.

Waxoyl Gun for Topwax-6

Gun for Topwax-6

Minimized overspray LVLP design. Extremely wide, even pattern. High transfer efficiency.

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Waxoyl Topwax-6

Topwax-6 5 Liter

Protects all painted and unpainted surfaces, e.g. vehicles, machinery, machine parts and tools.

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